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We specialize in providing Wastewater Disposal and Potable Water Supply Permits

as required by the Environmental Protection Agency Vermont Chapter One Rules. Also

known as; septic designs, perc tests, or subdivision permits. Since the State of Vermont

has passed universal jurisdiction every home, business, and landowner must obtain a permit from the State

prior to any construction activities, replacement, or modification to design flows.

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Septic System Basics

This area has been developed to assist property owners with common questions.

Services Provided

Site Evaluation

Need a Site Evaluated?

Site evaluation is a key element in determining if a parcel of land is suitable for development.

  • Proper Isolation Distances
  • Proper Slope
  • Proper Soils

This is a picture of a soil test pit. Information on the soil is gathered an used to design the septic system.

State and Local Permitting

Need a Permit?

Prior to building on a lot or replacing a septic system it is vital to ensure that all permitting requirements have

been meet.

  • Vermont Potable Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal Permits
  • Local Septic, or Building Permits
  • Planning and Zoning Permits
  • Stormwater Permits
  • Wetlands Conditional Use Permits
  • Act 250 Permits

This is what a finished septic plan looks like.

Redesign and Replacement Systems

Need a Redesign or Replacement System?

When construction of a system does not seem practical a redesign will sometimes solve these blues.

When a septic system has been poorly maintained a replacement system may be required.

This is a failed septic system. Within seconds this test boring was overflowing.